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Humanitarian Aid

Harvest of Asher is called to reach out with the love of God, building relationships and serving as a bridge to the community. Our heart is to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy in the area, this is accomplished through cooperation with social services, local municipalities and private institutions. We have had the opportunity to help in many areas of need throughout the years and hope to continue being used by God as long as the need exists. Two of the main areas of aid are the needy and emergency relief.

The Needy

One way to help those in need is to provide basic necessities. Through cooperation with social services, we have had the opportunity to provide aid to families in difficult financial situations; whether due to disability, illness, or addiction - single parent or out of work families, young and old alike.

In addition, there are programs organized through the municipality for the purpose of helping families through higher education to improve their socio-economic status, giving hope for a better future.

Emergency Relief

HOA has provided aid and supplies for a wide range of emergency / disaster situations ranging from natural disasters and epidemics to the effects of war.

  • Aliyah! 

The return of the Jewish people from the four corners of the world. The war in Ukraine contributed to an increase in the flow of immigrants from the Ukraine and surrounding countries. God is faithful to the promise He made to His people in Jeremiah 32:37 to gather them from all nations back to Israel. What a blessing to be part of their return by helping them settle in their new home.

  • The war

    The war in Gaza and the mounting pressure along Israel's northern border has created yet another scenario of displaced people. This time from within Israel, causing once again the need for online learning, temporary housing and supplies, loss of income and all that goes with everyday life.

Following is a list of some of the projects which reflect our involvement in helping the surrounding area through humanitarian aid. We are grateful to all who have contributed to these projects and made it possible for us to serve the community in time of need.

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