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Prayer and Intercession

Prayer and intercession are two of the three mandates given to Harvest of Asher by God for the purpose of bringing spiritual and physical restoration to the area.

Harvest of Asher was birthed through prayer and intercession, the basis of everything that happens in our community. Only through prayer can we hope to achieve God's plans and purposes for ourselves as individuals and for the congregation as a whole.

Prayer and intercession are our most powerful weapons in the fight against and protection from the enemy, Satan. Through prayer and intercession, we have access through God’s Grace and Mercy for the healing of body, mind and spirit, to bring comfort and hope to the suffering.

Standing in the gap, in accordance with God’s will and through the leading of the Holy Spirit He will guide us through to Spiritual Breakthrough. This is the time for prayer and intercession, we must stay alert, standing in unity, one in the Spirit.

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