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Worship Ministry

Worship is one of the three mandates given to Harvest of Asher by God for the purpose of bringing spiritual and physical restoration to the area.

Worship Teams

Although we are all called to worship, there are those who are gifted, anointed and appointed to lead the congregation in this area. The foundation of those who are called and gifted to be involved in the ministry of worship of Harvest of Asher is based on the unity and leading of the Holy Spirit.

No matter what form of worship or the age of the worshiper, the goal is to establish teams through which God will open the way for 24/7 praise and worship.  We believe that by investing in the training, experience and personal growth of those teams, God will bring the breakthrough to His worship ministry at Harvest of Asher.



In line with the vision for 24/7 praise and worship, the multimedia department plays an important role in the music ministry and the leading and move of the Holy Spirit.

Sound, simultaneous translation to multiple languages, overheads… all contribute to the weekly service.

Beyond our investment in quality equipment and the technical training of those involved in each portion of this ministry; is the preparation for future projects involving recording of new music and high quality online broadcasts of worship services and other meetings.


Afterschool Music Training Program

God gives each person gifts which can be developed and used to give God the Glory and to achieve the fulfillment of His calling on their life. The purpose of the music training program is to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the development and direction of children gifted in this area.

Our leaders, experienced and trained in the area of music, help the children discover and grow in their musical skills. The goal is for the children to ultimately mature in the area of praise and worship. The program is made available not only to the children of Harvest of Asher but also to children of believers throughout the Western Galilee. Those from Harvest of Asher are given the opportunity to participate with the worship teams of the congregation. We see this generation as a major part of the fulfillment of our service in the God given call of 24/7 praise and worship.

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