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Harvest of Asher is a place where we can walk into His Peace which brings restoration, healing, salvation and fulfillment of the destiny of the Nation of Israel – her people and her land. By building an altar of praise and worship in the NW gateway to Israel, we hope to provide a place where God’s Presence will linger.

Shabbat Service every Friday 5:00 – 7:00pm

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Our vision is to build an environment like that of the first century believers; a community that came together to share the Word of God and their daily lives. We encourage people in the development and growth of all areas of family life through discipleship and activities for the whole family. By investing in developing the leadership qualities and godly values of young and old alike; we can expect to see a body equipped to serve one another and the surrounding community.

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As we proclaim His name in intercession for His people, a spiritual gateway will be opened and all who enter will be met by their Messiah.



Our heart is to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy in cooperation with social services, the municipality and private institutions as well as the local Soup Kitchen and Center for the Blind.

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Sharing the Gospel in Israel is most effective when individual believers develop relationships within their community and when groups of believers serve those in need.

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