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Harvest of Asher Israel Messianic Ministries, Messiah of israel ministry, Acco

But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

 And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Matthew 10:6-7 




From the beginning, Harvest of Asher has made every effort to bring God's light into the homes of the needy in Acco and the surrounding area, through various humanitarian aid projects. The following is a list of both ongoing and completed projects which we have contributed to.


Help for the needy

This project is carried out in several ways:


· Distribution of food baskets to the needy, including food and essential goods - cereals, flour, sugar, various types of canned food, vegetable oil, concentrated milk, breakfast cereals, etc.


· Digital cards for the purchase of food, essential goods, baby food, diapers, etc., are also distributed to those in need.


· Soup kitchen - a privately run charity which provides free meals to the homeless and low-income families in Acco. A simple warm meal can bring about health and healing as well as God’s plans to prosper and to give hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11.


Helping to feed the needy is a project which began in 2005 since the founding of Harvest of Asher and continues to be a priority until today. If God’s light is burning somewhere in the city, the lost will find the way!


Mothers for academy

Many families are faced with the challenge of providing for the household and raising their children. These responsibilities and financial needs often do not allow women to pursue a higher education especially in low-income areas such as exist throughout most of Acco. In 2021, the Acco Municipality approached Harvest of Asher to participate in helping 15 mothers pay for a 3-year associate degree program, for studies in an area of their choice. Harvest of Asher responded to this need in 2023 and was able to help another 15 mothers. Thirty women and their families in total will benefit from a higher education and subsequently, higher wages and a higher standard of living.


We ignite God's fire of help and mercy, so that it lights up inside others, from heart to heart!


Back to school

From 2019 to 2022, Harvest of Asher helped families purchase school supplies and clothing for the children before the start of the school year. By supporting the families, we are investing in their future.


If we wait patiently, we will reap the harvest of the seeds sown by extending a helping hand for the good of others. Galatians 6:9


Flood in the City of Nahariya

In January 2020, Israel was hit by a storm with heavy rains. In the northern city of Nahariya, this resulted in torrential rainfall, leading to the flooding of homes and the death of some residents. Harvest of Asher helped purchase pumps to remove water from private businesses and homes and also provided new electrical items for families whose homes were flooded.


Assistance to educational institutions

Harvest of Asher helps kindergartens, schools and special educational institutions in purchasing needed equipment and supplies: tables, chairs, cabinets for classrooms, teachers' rooms and much more.


Lockdown period during the corona virus

During the corona virus lockdown when schools and businesses were closed, online learning became a challenge to many. Again, by working with the municipality, we were able to provide computers for 70 families to help those children in need to continue their studies.


Influx of new immigrants due to the war in the Ukraine

In February 2022, due to the Russian attack and subsequent outbreak of war in the Ukraine, many people with Jewish roots began immigration (Aliyah) along with their families to Israel. They came not only from the Ukraine but from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries as well. Some entered Israel with the pre-approved status of an immigrant while others due to the urgency of their departure, completed application for citizenship after their arrival. Many came with only the cloths on their backs, each facing various difficulties as they approached the Ministry of Absorption to be re-settled.


To help them settle into their new homes, Harvest of Asher helped more than 350 families with the purchase of essential small and large appliances, furniture and linens. We also helped with the purchase of school clothes and supplies for the children.


Even today, Harvest of Asher remains ready to help new immigrants coming out of this and similar situations to settle in the land.


Emergency Medical and Military equipment

The war in Gaza which began as a result of the October 7, 2023 massacre, resulted in an influx of military personnel and reserves being called to duty. Soldiers were positioned in Gaza on Israel’s southern border, the northern Lebanon border and Judea and Samaria. Harvest of Asher assisted with the purchase of protective vests, helmets, knee pads, flashlights, clothing and other items needed for combat duty.


At the same time, it was necessary to prepare communities along the northern border with medical kits for use by medical personnel to guard against the possible lack of supplies when needed while under attack.

No matter what, the Lord will protect his people!


Evacuation of the Northern border communities

In conjunction with preparing for war on the northern border, 42 communities 60.000 people were evacuated. Again, virtual classes were set up for online learning and by working with the municipality, we were able to provide computers for children to continue their studies online. 


Four months into the war people were still unable to return to their homes. As a result, the need for appropriate clothing for the change of season as well as basic household supplies became a necessity. We were able to provide digital store cards for the needs of these displaced families.


Gallery Projects

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